Sunday, April 16, 2006

How is dance an art?

Dancing... more specifically break dancing is an art because it is nothing but outward expression. When one dances, if they feel graceful, it is expressed in the style. If they are angry then you can see it in their fierce motion. If they feel laid back, it is seen through the smooth moves that are displayed. One of the greatest thigns about breakdancing as an art is that you see the attitude in their faces. What they feel, and essentially what they want you to feel when you watch them.

From the scrambles to the windmills all moves in breakdancing are made into how the dancer wants it done. No one else can tell them how to do what they do. It is their's because it is their expression so therefore it is art.


What is art?

Art, as defined by one of the people that I interviewed for my project, is a method of self expression.

It's interesting because he mentions that giving money to the poor can be an art if it is how you express yourself. Art is infinite. It cannot be limited so therefore anyway that a person expreses themselves is by all means, art.

Introspection ,from a psychological standpoint, is looking within. It ties into art because if in the activity of giving money to the poorz a person, through method of introspection, feels inspired to give money to the poor then expresses it by physically doing so it is art. A proper way to describe art would be the outward expression of one's introspection.


Sunday, April 09, 2006



-DID YOU EVER STOP AND THINK why it is that certain areas have certain speed limits? How is it determined? On Greenfield Rd. at one spot it can be 40mph and at another it could be 35mph and at another it could be 50mph... WHY? What makes it different? I personally think its stupid and we should have a residential autobahn... but then again... I'm weird and that's just me.


City life and art

What is considered art? Is dance an art form? It expresses one's emotions in such an intrinsic way that it involves all aspects of human nature. It shows one's emotions, through the mood that is brought by the dance. It shows the physical by actually dancing. It shows heart by the determination to win in cimpetition. It shows style through the hiphop culture.

-how does this relate to DET?

is detroit unique within regards to expression through dance? Or are we the same and linked to the rest of the nation because of our similiarities in dance styles.

STYLE is what you do with what you're given.
-what you do with your dance is YOUR STYLE... no one else's
-posers may come, but no one can do it as good as you.

+What's your style DETROIT?+

Sunday, April 02, 2006


people are stupid::i'vecometothatconclusion

we do the stupidest things sometimes... for example:: we LIKE to do things that can kill us. we do drugs, especially the ones that are illegal. we like to get drunk and drive, because it's not KOOL to be sober at a bar.. well, it's also not kool to be 18 in a casket.. did that ever occur to you?!? NO... why, you ask... it's because... WE ARE DUMB! Only a select few of human beings actually have common sense enough to not be stupid. I honestly think that we're stupid by nature.





and to top it off... I had to work today. How friggin great does that sound? I'm burning the crap out of my eyeballs trying my best to stay awake... and I GOT TO GO TO WORK! isn't that just soo friggin dandy?!?

err... on the otherhand... it's gonna be a nice stormy day tomorrow... the perfect day to nap... but I also gotta be at work.. so that kinda sucks too... oh well... welcome to MI right?