Sunday, March 19, 2006

Best place to read a book in peace and quiet.

Definitely NOT the UGL! People there are so loud, obnoxious, and completely unaware of the fact that the place they are at is a LIBRARY. They just continue on chatting and lollygagging the day away like its the student center. UGH! Stupid stupid people. I got there and try to study and end up learning more about the personal lives of the idiots who can't keep there mouths shut rather than learn about biology, or english, or math... NO I learn about what Kate did with David who is... of course.. Jennifer's boyfriend, but Jennifer turned into a lesbian and started sleeping with Anna who was Chris's woman and now Chris, who is broken hearted, decides to start a verbal fight with Jennifer and pisses David off and gets into a physical fight with him and of course Kate got upset with David because he stood up for Jennifer... and jennifer, flattered by David's samaritan deed wants him back which pisses Anna off so now EVERYBODY is single!!!!! (that's not a "sentence". it's more like a "collection of thoughts"). So I would NOT suggest you go to the UGL to study..

I would much rather go to the Kresge Library. (Is that how you spell it?)


errrr... MICHIGAN!

Michigan is weird.

It can be BEA-utiful, sunny, nice breeze, and not-so-friggin-cold one day... and be completely HORRIBLE the next! I mean, how is taht crap possible? Err... MI weather sucks balls but that just goes to show you Michiganders, or Michiganians (depending on where your from) can survive just about ANYWHERE. With our dessert summers and antarctica winters... yup... we can go through just about anything and everything.

But still.... MI weather is stoooopid.


Monday, March 06, 2006

advertisment project for class

Get Down in D-Town

Are you tired of Birmingham? How about Royal Oak? How about every other suburb surrounding Detroit?

Those suburbs are boring aren’t they? Who wants to hang out with all the pritsy, rich, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” crowd? NOBODY! If ya’ll wanna get down, then you gotta go to D-Town.

While “Getting Down” guests will:

1) Be able to attend several clubs such as:
Zoo Bar
The State Theatre
Club Bleu
And then some…

2) Be able to feed your face at a few restaurants that are located downtown as
well. You have:

Big Boys
Chicken Shack
Pizza Papoulis

3) Find somewhere to crash afterward because you cannot go to mom’s house.
There are great hotels such as:

The Hyatt
Residence Inn
Tower Centre Suites
The Anthenium

4) Other than the Clubs there are also plenty of other ways to get “crunk” by going to a sports game…

Ford Field
Joe Louis Arena
Palace of Auburn Hills
Tiger Stadium