Friday, February 24, 2006



I love seeing people, ESPECIALLY guys, trying to act tough when they're around their friends. It's hillarious watching them. They get all loud and aggresive and they like to get in other people's faces. But, when they're all by their lonesome... they act like the biggest wussies. They're quiet and timid. Why do people pose so much.

For instance....

There's a kid I know who refers to himself as Emcee Dom V. It's hillarious because he thinks he's the baddest rapper around. He thinks he's all GQ, Thug and street... when really, he's a fat asian boy from Guam who has never had a girlfriend, never got into a fight, has barely hit puberty, and will probably be the first ot back out of a fight. In other words.... FAKE!!!!!!

-Don't kid yourself "Dom V".... his real name is Sean. and he's only 13. The baddest? HELL NO!!!!!!

Hence.... the only question I have for posers and fake people is.... why? -just be yourself. its not friggin HOLLYWOOD.


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