Friday, February 24, 2006


Must you constatntly knock me down everytime I get up?
Must you constantly weigh me down before I can jump?

Do you despise me to the point where the very depths of your soul hold onto an unsettled fight one that lies down beneath
The very core of your heart

Beneath the mind and emotions beyond the unconcious mind always looking at my feet to see if I cross the line

Does it matter, do you see that all this time how much I try. All you see is my failure as I just let out a sigh.

One of anguish, dashed hope, and depression. You take me on the trip and then you throw me overboard.

Should I surrender, give the one I love a kiss good-bye? No! I will not be intimidated, I will continue to fight.

I will charge in with intensity to gain my rights.

The right to love, the right to life, to share with the one who caught my eye.



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