Monday, February 27, 2006

Things that make me go WTF!!!!

['Where can you be safe?'
Fatal Detroit church shooting may have been revenge
Oralander Brand Williams, Dorothy Bourdet and David G. Grant / The Detroit News]


Why would someone want to do a shooting in a place of worship? It's not even about it being a church. It could've been a synagouge and I STILL would've been pissed off!!!!! I mean, what kinda of douchebag would want to KILL a person at a church before the service started. That either takes balls or pure stupidity! Apparently this girl Williams didn't want to marry this guy Collins. And so he gets pissed and decides to beat the crap out of her, again at the church, three weeks prior to the shooting. She had a restraining order on him which was violated when he came to the church and began choking her and beating her. Police had on record the report, but, COULDN'T EXPLAIN why he WASN'T ARRESTED. Three weeks later, he shoot up the same church looking for Williams.

-Why wasn't he arrested when he violated the restraining order????? It was obviously aggravated assault!!!!



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