Friday, February 24, 2006

Los Angeles

Mike: Positive and Negative in the News
1) LA Crips: Began in 1969 by a 15 year old student from Fremont High named Raymond Washington. There are 88 incorporated cities in LA County with Crips firmly established. A 1990 census shows 109 Crip gangs in LA County.

2) Asian Gangs: There are approximately 20,000 Asian gang members. Some are affiliated with the Bloods and Crips while others are independent. Those that are independent include the Chinese Wah Chings, Filipinos, Cambodians, and Vietnamese.

1) Nick Draper, a seven month old infant, survived a heart transplant. He was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy where the left and right sides of his heart crossed. His transplant was succesful and lives today with a healthy, self-beating heart.

2) The Downtown Los Angeles Renaissance private sector construction will generate $6.1 million for the city of LA. The money can pay for 220 police cars, 20 fire trucks, and 45 trash trucks. The project can also bring 174,000 jobs and can last up until the year 2015.

Brittany: City Stats
Population estimate for 2003: 3,819,951
Population % change between April 2000 to July 2003: 3.4%

46.9% whites 25.7% Other Races
11.2% blacks
10.0% Asian
46.5% Hispanics

Households for 2000: 1,275,412

Crime Statistics:

Overall L.A. Crime Index 2004 Total 167,986

L.A. Violent Crimes: 42,786
murders= 518
rapes= 1,131
aggravated assaults=26,956

There are a variety of pictures found on

Jasmine: Positive Representation
The city fo LA is presented in a positive way in that there is so much to see and do. You can just walk around to see everything. The Experience LA site says "who says you need a car to get around LA?" This means the streets are safe and there is always someyhing to do righy around the corner. They also show different activities to do from different cultures which shows how diverse they are in LA.

Cierra: Personal Experience
I had a chance to go to LA when I was six years old and I have some wonderful memories. In LA there were a lot of beautifulpalm trees and there were a lot of hills. I got a chance to go to a concert. Since my aunt worked for a record label I got a chance to meet some celebrities such as Tisha Campbell, Immature and Raven Symone. The only thing that bothered me was there was no Mc Donald's, there was a Jack in the Box. Other than that I had a really good time!



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