Sunday, April 16, 2006

How is dance an art?

Dancing... more specifically break dancing is an art because it is nothing but outward expression. When one dances, if they feel graceful, it is expressed in the style. If they are angry then you can see it in their fierce motion. If they feel laid back, it is seen through the smooth moves that are displayed. One of the greatest thigns about breakdancing as an art is that you see the attitude in their faces. What they feel, and essentially what they want you to feel when you watch them.

From the scrambles to the windmills all moves in breakdancing are made into how the dancer wants it done. No one else can tell them how to do what they do. It is their's because it is their expression so therefore it is art.


What is art?

Art, as defined by one of the people that I interviewed for my project, is a method of self expression.

It's interesting because he mentions that giving money to the poor can be an art if it is how you express yourself. Art is infinite. It cannot be limited so therefore anyway that a person expreses themselves is by all means, art.

Introspection ,from a psychological standpoint, is looking within. It ties into art because if in the activity of giving money to the poorz a person, through method of introspection, feels inspired to give money to the poor then expresses it by physically doing so it is art. A proper way to describe art would be the outward expression of one's introspection.


Sunday, April 09, 2006



-DID YOU EVER STOP AND THINK why it is that certain areas have certain speed limits? How is it determined? On Greenfield Rd. at one spot it can be 40mph and at another it could be 35mph and at another it could be 50mph... WHY? What makes it different? I personally think its stupid and we should have a residential autobahn... but then again... I'm weird and that's just me.


City life and art

What is considered art? Is dance an art form? It expresses one's emotions in such an intrinsic way that it involves all aspects of human nature. It shows one's emotions, through the mood that is brought by the dance. It shows the physical by actually dancing. It shows heart by the determination to win in cimpetition. It shows style through the hiphop culture.

-how does this relate to DET?

is detroit unique within regards to expression through dance? Or are we the same and linked to the rest of the nation because of our similiarities in dance styles.

STYLE is what you do with what you're given.
-what you do with your dance is YOUR STYLE... no one else's
-posers may come, but no one can do it as good as you.

+What's your style DETROIT?+

Sunday, April 02, 2006


people are stupid::i'vecometothatconclusion

we do the stupidest things sometimes... for example:: we LIKE to do things that can kill us. we do drugs, especially the ones that are illegal. we like to get drunk and drive, because it's not KOOL to be sober at a bar.. well, it's also not kool to be 18 in a casket.. did that ever occur to you?!? NO... why, you ask... it's because... WE ARE DUMB! Only a select few of human beings actually have common sense enough to not be stupid. I honestly think that we're stupid by nature.





and to top it off... I had to work today. How friggin great does that sound? I'm burning the crap out of my eyeballs trying my best to stay awake... and I GOT TO GO TO WORK! isn't that just soo friggin dandy?!?

err... on the otherhand... it's gonna be a nice stormy day tomorrow... the perfect day to nap... but I also gotta be at work.. so that kinda sucks too... oh well... welcome to MI right?


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Best place to read a book in peace and quiet.

Definitely NOT the UGL! People there are so loud, obnoxious, and completely unaware of the fact that the place they are at is a LIBRARY. They just continue on chatting and lollygagging the day away like its the student center. UGH! Stupid stupid people. I got there and try to study and end up learning more about the personal lives of the idiots who can't keep there mouths shut rather than learn about biology, or english, or math... NO I learn about what Kate did with David who is... of course.. Jennifer's boyfriend, but Jennifer turned into a lesbian and started sleeping with Anna who was Chris's woman and now Chris, who is broken hearted, decides to start a verbal fight with Jennifer and pisses David off and gets into a physical fight with him and of course Kate got upset with David because he stood up for Jennifer... and jennifer, flattered by David's samaritan deed wants him back which pisses Anna off so now EVERYBODY is single!!!!! (that's not a "sentence". it's more like a "collection of thoughts"). So I would NOT suggest you go to the UGL to study..

I would much rather go to the Kresge Library. (Is that how you spell it?)


errrr... MICHIGAN!

Michigan is weird.

It can be BEA-utiful, sunny, nice breeze, and not-so-friggin-cold one day... and be completely HORRIBLE the next! I mean, how is taht crap possible? Err... MI weather sucks balls but that just goes to show you Michiganders, or Michiganians (depending on where your from) can survive just about ANYWHERE. With our dessert summers and antarctica winters... yup... we can go through just about anything and everything.

But still.... MI weather is stoooopid.


Monday, March 06, 2006

advertisment project for class

Get Down in D-Town

Are you tired of Birmingham? How about Royal Oak? How about every other suburb surrounding Detroit?

Those suburbs are boring aren’t they? Who wants to hang out with all the pritsy, rich, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” crowd? NOBODY! If ya’ll wanna get down, then you gotta go to D-Town.

While “Getting Down” guests will:

1) Be able to attend several clubs such as:
Zoo Bar
The State Theatre
Club Bleu
And then some…

2) Be able to feed your face at a few restaurants that are located downtown as
well. You have:

Big Boys
Chicken Shack
Pizza Papoulis

3) Find somewhere to crash afterward because you cannot go to mom’s house.
There are great hotels such as:

The Hyatt
Residence Inn
Tower Centre Suites
The Anthenium

4) Other than the Clubs there are also plenty of other ways to get “crunk” by going to a sports game…

Ford Field
Joe Louis Arena
Palace of Auburn Hills
Tiger Stadium

Monday, February 27, 2006


Ya know what sucks?

-When somebody you really really really really REALLY care about is in a situation where they are emotionally getting hurt. And by hurt... I mean HURT. And they know that they need you there to help them get through it. But it almost seems as if they're trying to do it on their own. You don't want to force yourself on them cause you don't want it to seem like you're coming down on them, but you just can't stand to seee that person getting hurt. You want to turn and look the other way but you can't get the picture of them crying out of your mind. It bothers you, terrifies you to even think about the pain that they're going through. You try to help, you want to help but you don't know how to. You wish you had the answer to all their questions but you DON'T. And that's what's hurting you the most is that you know they need your help but you don't know how to help them. As you ponder the situation, you think of ideas, plans to get them out of their predicament and they shut it down almost as if they were to afraid to pursue it. Your'e at a lost for words. Time is running out. You need to get them out.

-What do you do?

What can you possibly say to make the world a better place?

Can you REALLY help them?

You hear their desperate cry and you freeze because you're at a lost for words.

-What do you do?


Things that make me go WTF!!!!

['Where can you be safe?'
Fatal Detroit church shooting may have been revenge
Oralander Brand Williams, Dorothy Bourdet and David G. Grant / The Detroit News]


Why would someone want to do a shooting in a place of worship? It's not even about it being a church. It could've been a synagouge and I STILL would've been pissed off!!!!! I mean, what kinda of douchebag would want to KILL a person at a church before the service started. That either takes balls or pure stupidity! Apparently this girl Williams didn't want to marry this guy Collins. And so he gets pissed and decides to beat the crap out of her, again at the church, three weeks prior to the shooting. She had a restraining order on him which was violated when he came to the church and began choking her and beating her. Police had on record the report, but, COULDN'T EXPLAIN why he WASN'T ARRESTED. Three weeks later, he shoot up the same church looking for Williams.

-Why wasn't he arrested when he violated the restraining order????? It was obviously aggravated assault!!!!


Friday, February 24, 2006



I love seeing people, ESPECIALLY guys, trying to act tough when they're around their friends. It's hillarious watching them. They get all loud and aggresive and they like to get in other people's faces. But, when they're all by their lonesome... they act like the biggest wussies. They're quiet and timid. Why do people pose so much.

For instance....

There's a kid I know who refers to himself as Emcee Dom V. It's hillarious because he thinks he's the baddest rapper around. He thinks he's all GQ, Thug and street... when really, he's a fat asian boy from Guam who has never had a girlfriend, never got into a fight, has barely hit puberty, and will probably be the first ot back out of a fight. In other words.... FAKE!!!!!!

-Don't kid yourself "Dom V".... his real name is Sean. and he's only 13. The baddest? HELL NO!!!!!!

Hence.... the only question I have for posers and fake people is.... why? -just be yourself. its not friggin HOLLYWOOD.

best place to watch the Pistons play

My Room:

Yup, that's right! I got a futon, a tv, some pillow, a blanket (if necessray), and FREE chips and pop-courtesy of mom and dad. Of course, you don't get to watch the game LIVE... but hey... at least I don't have to pay 10 bucks to get a friggin drink or for some nachos. And, being short, I have a pretty good view of the game right in my own bed. I get to kick back, relax, and chill while watching the Pistons dominate on the court.

-of course, this post is useless to most of you because more than likely, none of you will be in my room anytime soon.



Must you constatntly knock me down everytime I get up?
Must you constantly weigh me down before I can jump?

Do you despise me to the point where the very depths of your soul hold onto an unsettled fight one that lies down beneath
The very core of your heart

Beneath the mind and emotions beyond the unconcious mind always looking at my feet to see if I cross the line

Does it matter, do you see that all this time how much I try. All you see is my failure as I just let out a sigh.

One of anguish, dashed hope, and depression. You take me on the trip and then you throw me overboard.

Should I surrender, give the one I love a kiss good-bye? No! I will not be intimidated, I will continue to fight.

I will charge in with intensity to gain my rights.

The right to love, the right to life, to share with the one who caught my eye.


Los Angeles

Mike: Positive and Negative in the News
1) LA Crips: Began in 1969 by a 15 year old student from Fremont High named Raymond Washington. There are 88 incorporated cities in LA County with Crips firmly established. A 1990 census shows 109 Crip gangs in LA County.

2) Asian Gangs: There are approximately 20,000 Asian gang members. Some are affiliated with the Bloods and Crips while others are independent. Those that are independent include the Chinese Wah Chings, Filipinos, Cambodians, and Vietnamese.

1) Nick Draper, a seven month old infant, survived a heart transplant. He was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy where the left and right sides of his heart crossed. His transplant was succesful and lives today with a healthy, self-beating heart.

2) The Downtown Los Angeles Renaissance private sector construction will generate $6.1 million for the city of LA. The money can pay for 220 police cars, 20 fire trucks, and 45 trash trucks. The project can also bring 174,000 jobs and can last up until the year 2015.

Brittany: City Stats
Population estimate for 2003: 3,819,951
Population % change between April 2000 to July 2003: 3.4%

46.9% whites 25.7% Other Races
11.2% blacks
10.0% Asian
46.5% Hispanics

Households for 2000: 1,275,412

Crime Statistics:

Overall L.A. Crime Index 2004 Total 167,986

L.A. Violent Crimes: 42,786
murders= 518
rapes= 1,131
aggravated assaults=26,956

There are a variety of pictures found on

Jasmine: Positive Representation
The city fo LA is presented in a positive way in that there is so much to see and do. You can just walk around to see everything. The Experience LA site says "who says you need a car to get around LA?" This means the streets are safe and there is always someyhing to do righy around the corner. They also show different activities to do from different cultures which shows how diverse they are in LA.

Cierra: Personal Experience
I had a chance to go to LA when I was six years old and I have some wonderful memories. In LA there were a lot of beautifulpalm trees and there were a lot of hills. I got a chance to go to a concert. Since my aunt worked for a record label I got a chance to meet some celebrities such as Tisha Campbell, Immature and Raven Symone. The only thing that bothered me was there was no Mc Donald's, there was a Jack in the Box. Other than that I had a really good time!